Top 5 Wrestlers to Look Out For in 2022

Wrestling is in another category when it comes to sports. From the athletes to the fans, it carries a type of energy that is hard to replicate outside of the ring. The announcers are chaotic, the stories are full of drama and heartbreak, and the wrestlers are some of the most charismatic you can find in any industry. You don’t get into wrestling to sit back and watch. It’s a combat sport in the ring and a workout in the stands or in front of a screen.

Fans of wrestling are part of a movement. They’re part of the story.

As a new wave of fans joins the pro and indie wrestling scenes, 2022 promises plenty of exciting matches and events to keep them at the edge of their seats. We have you covered if you’re looking for wrestlers to follow. Here are the top wrestlers to watch out for in 2022:

Dylan Bostic

Dylan Bostic knows his way around a ring. The multi-faceted athlete proves you can understand the ring so well that you can do nearly anything in it. He understands the ins and outs of stage presence, putting up a good fight, and keeping up with his opponents. 

After a 14-year pro wrestling career, he’s ready to show his love and knowledge of the ring in a new sport: professional boxing. It only makes sense with a healthy viewership that is happy to support him anywhere he goes. The two sports have similar diehard fans, the atmosphere is just as electric, and there’s room for Dylan to continue growing and thriving. 

Dylan also recently finished his first role in a movie called Pursuit of Freedom. He continues to flourish as a multi-faceted star of the stage as a professional wrestler, boxer, and actor. 

You can find Dylan Bostic on Twitter and Instagram

Brian Pillman, JR.

Brian Pillman, JR. is a 6-foot 2-inch giant that grew up around famed wrestlers that showed him the ropes. He had a jump start to his career, and it’s made him not only an excellent wrestler but a savvy businessman. Brian’s words are flashy, aggressive, and backed up with action. He’s genuinely entertaining to watch. 

The son of late wrestling superstar Brian Pillman, Brian has trained under renowned names like Kevin Sullivan, Lance Storm, and Rip Rogers. Brian’s skills extend to lacrosse and an education in business that helps him make decisions for himself and guide others. He understands the ring and the ins and outs of making a career stand out. 

Find Brian Pillman, JR. on both Twitter and Instagram.

Jake Omen

Jake Omen doesn’t shy away from the truth. He speaks his mind, especially when it comes to the state of wrestling and what made it worthy in the past. He’s a fan and athlete, and he won’t let you forget where wrestling started.  

You have to admire his straightforwardness. A seasoned wrestler, Jake won’t hesitate to remind you what wrestling is: a combat sport with real athletes putting their bodies at risk. With a presence that is both wise and terrifying, Jake proves that wrestling is about understanding your craft, sticking to your guns, and putting your best front and center. An international performer with experience in both the U.S and Japan, Jake harps on actually developing your skills, not backing down from pressure, and treating pro wrestling with respect. 

You can find Jake on Twitter or Instagram

Mr. Pec-Tacular (Jessie Godderz)

A multi-time OVW tag team champion winner, Jessie is a two-sport pro athlete: bodybuilding and pro wrestling. With a fanbase that goes back to his reality tv and bodybuilding days, Mr. Pec-Tacular is continuously rising to the top. 

Jessie Godderz started his career as a bodybuilder, then ventured into reality television. He already had a seasoned past as an actor and bodybuilder by the time he stepped into the ring. He trained for years before entering pro wrestling, facing plenty of pushback and challenges. It made him a better actor overall, but he’s a joy to watch on and offstage. Aside from his signature peck jiggle, Jessie stands out with a warm presence and a ton of charisma. 

With acting, you can redo your lines, but not wrestling. According to Mr. Pec-Tacular, you have one chance to make it happen. There are no do-overs, no reshoots, nothing. With wrestling, you’re on live TV, and that’s how Mr. Pec-Tacular learned to act. 

Mr. Pec-Tacular Jessie Godderz is active on Twitter and Instagram.

Andrew Palace 

Andrew Palace gets stage presence. From his stage name to his curly hair, he gives the audience something to remember with every match he fights. The Spazmanian Devil is beloved on social media, and the support isn’t for nothing. Andrew’s doing a great job of making a name for himself one IWC match at a time. He also dedicates his time to various community-driven efforts.

Andrew Palace has enough charisma to go around, and he’s combined his personality and presence with technical ring skills, impressive athleticism, and lots of trash talking. As he grows, he continues to make a name for himself in and out of the ring by fighting in numerous championships and engaging with his fans on social media. He’s an unforgettable athlete that is steadily carving out his niche.

Find Andrew on Twitter and Instagram.

2022 is a Great Year for Wrestling Fans

The future for wrestling is never uncertain. Even with ups and downs, wrestlers have permanent homes in the hearts of fans worldwide, and it would take the end of the Earth to pull those fans away from their beloved performers. Whether for yesterday’s heroes or today’s talents, wrestling provides a sort of escape that can’t be replicated anywhere else. 

The above five wrestling sensations have put in the time, work, and patience to land on this list. Wrestling is about storytelling, heightened emotions, and dedication. The sport has seen its fair share of superstars, and we’re excited to watch the next generation continue to grow their names.

Year after year, one thing never changes: it’s exciting to be a wrestling fan.