Jesus “Eddie” Campa: A Strong Ally for Diverse Communities

With the culture of Hispanics and other people of color becoming more welcomed in the United States, I was intrigued when I heard that the Fiscal Processing Department of the U.S. Treasury Department would be having a Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration. In particular, I was interested in listening to their special guest speaker: Chief Jesus “Eddie” Campa.” His law enforcement bio and background in civil rights were impressive, as were his 45-minute speech and story. It was clear that this man had dedicated his life to bringing cultures together, so I jumped on the chance to interview Chief Campa after his speech. What he told me would change my perspective on race relations and deepen my respect for the people, including Chief Campa, who are trying to improve them.

Chief Campa recently retired from a 27-year career in law enforcement, during which time he served as Chief of Police and the Executive Director in communities in multiple states. One of his endeavors was to create the No Colors, No Labels (NCNL) Initiative in a small East Texas town. Though needed and well-received by the community, it was unfortunately not embraced by its police officers. As Chief Campa states, “It was really sad to see it fail or to at least not have the impact it could have had. The police officers did not want to change. When I ultimately left this community, I remember being told by a peer that I was the right guy at the wrong time for the job.”

While NCNL had limited success in this racially divided city, Chief Campa’s work was still noticed by other police agencies across the nation, all of whom asked him to help them launch their own NCNL initiatives in their agencies. “I was contracted in late 2019 by a major police agency to help them to implement 21st-century policing methods and to show them how to launch NCNL,” Chief Campa explains. “I was so honored. That opportunity has led to six other agencies contracting my firm to assist them with launching the NCNL Initiative.” 

Chief Campa continues, “Working with different agencies across the nation and the globe has been very rewarding for me. It gives me great joy that agencies are finally starting to see that we, as law enforcement leaders, need to address issues differently.” 

For Chief Campa, retirement has not resulted in much downtime. Just the opposite, in fact. He has released his new book, Unmasking Leadership: What They Don’t Tell You, and serves as a full-time lecturer for a major university. He is also an entrepreneur and owns several companies. Chief Campa is also relaunching an independent Lucha Libre promotion. In addition, his animation series, which is based on his time as a Police Chief in a racially divided community, is finally going into production. He is touring the nation as part of the EWG Tour and is the headline speaker on leadership. 

“I don’t believe in sitting idle,” Chief Campa says. “I have many passions and interests, and I have a lot left to give to my community and the world. That’s why I’m not sitting around on a beach, drinking margaritas. I want to keep going and continue contributing to the lives of the people around me.”

I did check out Chief Campa’s book, and it was refreshing to see a new outlook on leadership. With his experiences in law enforcement to back up his ideas, it looks like it is finally the right time for the right guy. 

So, if you have the pleasure of catching Chief Jesus “Eddie” Campa on the EWG Tour, do so – you won’t be disappointed. If you want to learn more about the man, visit his website at By the way, don’t forget to purchase your copy of Unmasking Leadership: What They Don’t Tell You. It’s full of insights taken from Chief Campa’s interesting experiences from law enforcement and his life, and I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed in this timely take on leadership.

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