Sam Freij’s Instagram Page Makes Wanderlust a Daily Reality

You might not be on a Caribbean island right now.

But the odds are, Sam Freij, owner of the Travel with Sam (@travel_with_sam)  Instagram page, probably is.

Sam has been digitally taking followers to the world’s most beautiful destinations since 2016. His uber-popular page reached more than a quarter-million followers with millions more views as Instagram users want seek new travel ideas.

Sam Freij is a senior manager by trade, but his loves center around traveling, especially around Mexico and the Caribbean. With over  256,000 followers, his page has gained significant attention from a variety of travel outlets. Travel with Sam has something for everyone, from a beachside sunset to a firewood-baked Lahmajin made by Sam Freij himself. Sam beautifully combines local cuisine with local beauty.

Travel with Sam has covered dozens of countries, but focuses on the Caribbean and Mexico. He will be traveling to Mexico again on October 21. The account’s follower base primarily comes from North America, but Sam also has plenty of South America and Canada followers. The account’s reach even stretches as far as Russia. The page has been featured by publications like Hyatt Aruba and Intercontinental Presidente Cancun.

If you’re into travel, especially around Mexico and the Caribbean, you know who to follow.

For more information, follow the Travel with Sam page (@travel_with_sam) on Instagram.

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