Fayez Farah: Warning Signs to Look for When Buying a Used Car

Fayez (Fred) Farah is an experienced professional,having owned his own car dealership, North Star Motors, he has a great deal of background knowledge in buying, trading, and selling new and used cars. Because of this, Fayez Farah is going to share what  warning signs we need to be on the lookout for when purchasing a used car. You want to buy a car that is not only safe, but is exactly what the seller is describing. With CarFax and other websites, it’s easier than ever to get the facts you need to make an informed decision. 

Comprehensive vehicle report

Fayez Farah starts by telling us, “To begin with, you need the vin number for the vehicle. This should be listed somewhere in the description of the advertisement for the car.” Fayez Farah emphasizes, “This is probably the most consequential part about buying a car.” The reason you want to get a vehicle report is so you can see who owned the vehicle previously and whether or not they were in any accidents. The report also gives you the name on the title and the mileage. Again, the report can also be obtained through the dealer or on a website like CarFax. 

How the information is gathered

So, how are these reports obtained? Fayez Farah answers, “The information comes from the DMV, insurance providers, collision repair shops, and law enforcement agencies. If you see that the car has previously been in a wreck, I would pass on it. Especially, If the report says the frame of the car was ever damaged, pass.” He continues, “I would also avoid cars that were in any kind of weather related incidents where the vehicle was damaged. You can also see whether or not it’s a salvaged title, which means the car was in an accident and was deemed a total loss.”Fred Farah explains, “The report should also provide you with the recorded mileage. If the car’s mileage reads lower than the mileage on the report, then you know something is wrong. This is referred to as rolling back the odometer and is actually illegal.”

Fred Farah states, “The report can also provide you with information as to when and how often the vehicle was serviced. If the report doesn’t give you that information, and the owner or dealership cannot provide documentation, I would take it to the mechanic or pass on it.” He continues, “If the car has ever been recalled, you’ll want to make sure that the repairs were made.” Fred Farah emphasizes, “You can also see if the vehicle was ever stolen. If so, make sure you check the dates and that the car was declared found.”  

No matter what, you should always have your mechanic inspect the car before making a final decision. Fred Farah explains, “The report won’t provide you with all the information you need about the mechanics of the car itself. Your mechanic can tell you if you’ll need to replace parts sooner than expected. No matter what, you need to make sure the car has a current up to date inspection sticker.”

Fred Farah reiterates, “Get the vin number, check the report for the details listed above, but no matter what, take the vehicle to a trusted mechanic. I’ve seen too many people buy a car that needed several parts replaced. This is not only a waste of your time and money, it’s also unsafe.Trust me it’s worth it to do your research. A car is a big purchase and the more thorough you are, the longer it will last you.” Fayez (Fred) Farah is an experienced professional who owns his own car dealership, North Star Motors, in Texas.

Fred (Fayez) Farah is the owner of North Star Motors, an independent car dealer in Houston, Texas and Okley Construction.